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Hello from Taiwan
Hello everyone,

I’m a relatively new CB1300 owner, living in Taiwan (Hsinchu).  Thanks for the addition to the forum.

I have a 2004 CB1300, originally imported as a UK spec bike according to the paperwork.

15,000 miles and in great (more or less original) condition.

I’ll be adding a GIVI rack and box soon.

I’ve become a bikeaholic since moving to Taiwan 4 years ago, with 5 other bikes, including a ZERO S, MT-03, and a Ninja 650.  The Honda though has rapidly become my favorite bike.

Looking forward to learning from, and contributing to, the forum,


[Image: 222-E236-C-C3-C6-4-AD8-9-BB2-FCD025-AE8-D56.jpg]

[Image: 5-E9-C2-D1-F-67-EE-4314-81-E1-3-A1-B657-D317-D.jpg]

[Image: 8-F5-BE297-2-D0-F-4-F33-8046-92-CE9-C73-EC57.jpg]
hi Stephen,
welcome to the forum Smile
if you can`t fix it with a hammer you have an electrical problem
Hello Stephen, welcome ...I like the tank badges.
are you sure its 2004? it looks newer.
if you can`t fix it with a hammer you have an electrical problem
Welcome Stephen, nice bike.

It does look newer than 2004 . Has the earlier end can , but gold wheels and later tank bodging suggest post 2011 . Maybe someone has changed a few bits and bobs in its lifetime , there again im no expert. Looks nice though.
I'd agree, someone has added some bits from a much later model, calipers are gold, should be black, tank is definetely from a post 2008 bike as the red changed around then, seems to be missing the back of the clocks, there should be grey dishes on there. Can is correct for the year, black end not changed until 2008 and damper springs are also correct, changed to red around 2005 IIRC. 

No ABS rings present so must be pre 2005.
Don't play stupid with me, I'm better at it.
Welcome to the forum Stephen.....nice bike  Cool Cool
I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying......
Hello and welcome to the forum, very nice bike Smile

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