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Young newlyweds on their honeymoon, book into an isolated country bed-and-breakfast motel.
After signing in they are asked what they would like for breakfast next morning.

They proclaimed that they wouldn't be taking breakfast as they would be living on the fruits of love.

On the third morning of their honeymoon, there was a knock on their door. A woman's voice asked,
"Are you alright? Will you be having breakfast this morning?"

"No thank you, we are thriving on the fruits of love."

Another couple of days go by and there is another knock on the door.

This time a gruff man's voice asked, "If you're not having breakfast this morning because you're
still living on the fruits of love, I respectfully ask you to stop throwing the skins out the window - they're choking the ducks!"

Life... It's Just a Ride Tongue

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